Sunday, June 21, 2009

Video and review of PSPingoo

Remember this? Click here to buy one, yada yada.


More information has emerged on it in the DX forums, including this video:

And this review:

If you are looking for a portable emulation machine, this really isn't it. There's the four face buttons and the two shoulder buttons. Well, the shoulder buttons don't do jack in any game. So your emulation enjoyment is limited to games using 4 buttons or less. That limits you to NES, OG 3 button Genesis and GBA & SNES ROMs (That don't require shoulder buttons and will run full speed). That's right GBA and SNES are hit and miss. Some run fine, others run choppy. Turning off audio in the system settings speeds things up, but then you're left with no sound. There are no options for the emulators. No button remapping. There is 1 save state per ROM. And all ROMs are stretched to 16x9. No NeoGeo, MAME, Atari 2600, etc... And when they say BIN format games, it's their own proprietary format. .BIN Genesis ROMs will need to be converted to .SMD
Video playback is great, if it's 16x9 or you don't mind it stretched out. Plays just about anything with the exception of x264. Video playback via A/V cable is horrible unless video is 4:3.
Audio player is good, but doesn't support album art.
FM radio requires headphones as it uses headphones as an antenna.
eBook reader may be the best on earth, but I'll never use it. So if you were waiting on this section, you're S.O.L. Sorry.
Calendar is useless, unless you want to know what day of the week your birthday is on 30 years from now. There's no inputting information into the calendar, so you just kind of look at it.
The camera is pretty decent. The lens says 10.0 Megapixel, but that's an overstatement. It is better than the camera on my BlackBerry Pearl 8100. I'll give it that.
It didn't include a driver CD, so the dude who's getting one on Monday, if you get a disc... hook me up.
The manual says firmware is upgradable, but there's no manufacturer's name, model # or URL listed anywhere.
Bottom line: The 4.3" TFT (480x272) is really nice. It's big, it's bright. If you don't have a Zune or iPod and you want a nice video player with the added functionality of being able to play the entire library of NES ROMs (plus a handful of others), jump on this. If you want a gaming machine, look at the Dingoo or a real PSP.

One more thing, transfer speed using USB is extremely slow. So use a USB micro SD adapter to transfer to that. Also, you can't access the SD and internal memory at the same time. You have to switch between the two in the settings menu. Kind of a pain in the rear.

Well, it’s no Dingoo, but then again, as they say, horses for courses. What I’d like to know is: is it JZ4740 based? Anyone know?

Oh yeah, dualboot, keep the faith, people.  It’ll come, soon, and no one will care it was a couple of weeks later in gestation.


  1. I feel bad for anyone who bought one.
    Sure the screen is big, but by comparison it's SO gimped compared to the Dingoo A320. Wow.