Sunday, June 14, 2009

These things take time

Patience young skywalker, patience...

Booboo has posted a small update on his blog asking for our patience as he irons out the final kinks before release.
yes, I said I'd be releasing binaries this weeked, but though I've dedicated quite a lot of hours, there were many issues to address. Please be patient.
Just like wine, these things take time to mature, and I'm sure we'd all rather wait a little bit longer for a finely crafted zinfandel than some cheap swill. Keep on chooglin' Booboo!


  1. No rush, no rush!

    Take the time you need.

  2. Yes, don't listen to the impatient. Those sorts of people will demand a fully working linux environment yesterday, and will demand detailed instructions written on stone tablets once it's released.

    Take your time: the work looks fantastic.

    Tangentially, Zinfandel isn't cheap swill? ;-) I kid, I kid!

  3. Agreed, take all the time you need booboo! We are all behind you.

  4. Ah yeah take all the time you need ;)

    The kid in me says "NOW NOW NOW!!"

    The adult in me says "Free labor, as long as it gets done this year i am soooo happy!" :)