Friday, June 12, 2009

Sirchadwick makes Dingoo-Scene widget for Chumby

Of course, everyone knows what a Chumby is, but in case you don’t, it’s a cute and charming, always on “ambient internet device”’, which looks like this:


What’s it for? A good explanation is here; and an even more fun one here. Well, Sirchadwick has gone and made a widget for this here l’il ol’ Blog for Chumby, and I’m most touched.  Grab it here. Thank you for your work, good Sirc! (How about one for the Nabaztag next?:))

Now, how many Dingoo owners own a Chumby?


  1. Hi Larry,

    thanks for your post and your cool Dingoo blog! Its good to know whats going on with the Dingoo and hence I wrote the widget.
    To your question: I own two chumbies, one is at my bedside as alarm clock, one is used as internet radio next to my hi-fi.

  2. oooh I want a chumby sooo bad(I've wanted one since it was first announced), but a bit too much for me right now.

  3. Hi Emu_death, currently you can get chumbies for 30$ off. See the main page and then on the right "fathers day deal 30$ off".

  4. I know, but $150 is max I can go now, but I'm selling my Zune 120(never opened, if you want it, just ask, I'm emusan on the forums, you might also be able to email me from my blogger profile). That should give me enough money to get a chumby.