Monday, June 1, 2009

Newer Dingoos = no Linux (Just yet) … so go to to help the cause!

Booboo has confirmed the following:

Looks like the latest A320s do have a different LCD controller. The
unbricker tool doesn't work and the current kernel doesn't support it,
though I think I have found a way to solve this.
As I was thinking of opening a blog too to post linux-on-the-a320
specific progress reports, I've done it and posted instructions to
dump the first chunk of the A320 internal NAND flash. The LCD
initialization code needed for the unbricking tool and for making the
linux framebuffer work is there, so all I need is that someone with
one of the newest A320 send me the flash dump. Then I will reverse
engineer the LCD initialization sequence as I did before.
The bad part is that either it works at the first try or it won't work
until I can get hold of one of the A320 with the new LCD. So I placed
a donate button. Chances are that I might also be able to purchase a
Gemei x760+ and extend linux support to it...

Visit booboo’s blog here:

It’s in everyone’s interest to get Linux consistently working across as many A320s as possible, so please drop a few bucks using the donate button on Booboo’s site.


  1. I wonder which Dingoos have the new LCD controller? I got mine near the end of April.

  2. Oh darn, you mean extremely new Dingoos. x.x

  3. How can I check what Dingoo version I have?

  4. commo'n, throw a few $€£'s etc to booboo for his work!

    @ ford: