Monday, June 8, 2009

More Linux developments ....

Over at Booboo's forum, there is news, all good:
* new Kernels to solve the alternative LCD controller problems posted on Google Code
* Dual boot making excellent progress; information on Google Code as well
Go Booboo!
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  1. Lets here it for BOO BOO.....yyyeeaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I grabbed this from

    Dual boot working !!!
    Just a quick post to tell that dual boot is working now.

    I'm not making a release right now, but I will most likely this weekend. The reason is that this is something people will be actually flashing in their consoles, so before making a release, I need to:

    Test some corner cases.
    Clean up u-boot code and commit it to google code.
    Write detailed instructions for end users.

    For the tech-oriented, this is how it works:

    Only the first NAND block is modified. NAND is treated as if it was 2KB page size (it is actually 4K), because that is how the ROM IPL treats it.
    u-boot SPL is placed in pages 0-3 (0x00000000-0x00001FFF).
    u-boot is placed in pages 32-127 (0x00010000-0x0003FFFF).
    u-boot has been modified to support A320 hardware and to understand the non-standard way in which error correction data is stored in the area where the original firmware system loader lives (pages 128 and up).
    If SELECT key is not pressed, u-boot loads the original firmware system loader from NAND offset 0x40000, size 0x80000, into DRAM address 0x80E00000. Then jumps to 0x80E10004.
    If SELECT key is pressed, u-boot loads linux from the miniSD.

    UPDATE: for those that just joined, and answering user comments:

    Yes, this means you can boot and use Linux on your A320 without a PC.
    Yes, you still need some menu application. I don't provide that since I have limited time and want to focus on the kernel, but someone will (there are plenty of very skilled programmers turning their attention to the A320).

    Hardware support is still limited to video, sound and keyboard, that is, just what you need to play emulators (can you spell mame?). Now that dual boot is working I'll focus on improving hardware support.
    Lack of full hardware support means linux won't replace the original firmware anytime soon (but will eventually, that's my goal). So we have to get along with the original firmware and that means linux must run from the miniSD. Altering the internat NAND flash was necessary though in order to tap into the boot process and launch linux from the miniSD.
    Work on the x760+ will start as soon as I get my hands on it. There's almost enough donated money (thank you very much again for you support) as to purchase both a newer LCD A320 and a x760+. I'm still trying to purchase the newer LCD A320 from someone who can guarantee I'll get one of the newer models, and regarding the x760+... can you suggest where to buy it?.