Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look ‘ma, no wires: Hexen and Duke Nukem on Dingux



  1. We strongly need a frontend for Dingux (and, probably, something prepackaged with kernel). I've seen around that menu from GP2X that was quite nice... where actually is?

  2. will someone compile dosbox for dingux????

  3. Hello!
    What rootfs and kernel versions have to be used to run these games?
    I see the v1.4 of duke3d is running. Does it need other external files than the executable?
    I've successfully run the scummvm only.

  4. It's my video!! cool
    Rootfs uclib 06/17 and kernel 2090628.
    I do a tuto here: http://gueux-forum.net/index.php?showtopic=218001 in french..

  5. Awesome video. I second that we need a front end for dingux. Also, the video looked a little choppy at times. Was the gameplay this way?

  6. yea, I couldn't tell if it was crapy youtube or choppy framerate. Either way this is awesome. Snes9x is a great emulator already, I'm sure this only needs some tweaks and a good frontend and this will be awesome. Curious to see some news on CPS2 and NEOGEO emus on Dingux