Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lingoox dmenu … err … take his word for it

What the - is it a Dingoo, Lingoox, or what? Rookie 1 has implemented a menu system for Lingoox which looks like the original Dingoo OS. Read about it and discuss here.  Very nice.


  1. No! The Dingoo's GUI is horrible, don't copy it!

    Gmenu2x port, whered you go?

  2. Love the work!
    But I have to agree with previous post.
    Don't copy the dingoo GUI. Make an own original one.. :)
    Maybe a XBMC on the dingoo or something!! :D ;)

  3. I guess it doesn't matter if it's a pretty menu or not, as long as it launches homebrew. The pretty menu is just a plus. However, a complete port of gmenu2x would be more efficient because it's there, it works fine, there's skins for it, and it does everything that's needed.

  4. +1, im with ryan!

  5. If it works it's good.

    Pretty comes afterward.

    Rock on!