Friday, June 5, 2009

Horror newsflash! Dingoo-scene forums defaced! (No one notices!)

Hiya folks.

A rather helpful poster by the name of OpTiMuSpRime or somesuch took me a little too literally and posted some rather … ah … colourful pictures over 44 messages recently. Much as I enjoy a good bit of Transformers porn* every now and again ….


…. let’s keep it “R” territory at worst please, people (plus I can’t read Cyrillic script, so I felt I was missing out on something).

So I’ve fried the whole Dingoo-Linux forum thing (I know, I know, I’ve set the cause back at least … 15 minutes), and the new Dingoo-scene forums are now up! Same link, leading to the one and only forum full of that special Dingoo magic and lurv that you can only find here! (Well, I need to believe something and the old one certainly wasn’t full of Dingoo posts …:))

*Megan Fox/Heather Graham/Angelina Jolie pics are acceptable if they can be linked to the Dingoo, however tenuously.


  1. pics or didn´t happen. :D

  2. You can buy amoxillin now ... check it out.

  3. Apropos of nothing, gadgetmiser, I love your writing style. Just thought I'd share.

  4. I had the same exact thing happen on our project forums, with not-so-nice photos. Not sure what your solution was, but I added a Recaptcha which is doing the job :) There's no nice plugin, you have to do it all manually, but here's the instructions:

  5. Hi ChrisGray, the link doesn't seem to work?

  6. lol, I noticed & deleted a whole bunch of them, but the 'user' was using multiple handles & since I'm just a mod I couldn't use the banhammer ;]