Saturday, June 13, 2009

GX-mod starts Dingoo section – with tutorial on launching Heretic and Hexen

France’s has now started a dedicated Dingoo forum.  The forum is here:

There’s a useful tutorial on it about how to launch Linux (without dual boot, of course), in French here, and translated to English here. It even shows you how to run Heretic and Hexen!

Thanks to yoann26 for the news.


  1. Good news! (merci Gx-mod)

  2. hey i just wanted to thank u for this nice really helped me getting information about the dingoo....which must arrive within the next 2 weeks....;)))

    keep on this good work...


  3. french have already forum :

  4. "french have already forum : "

    And ? What is the problem ?
    Because there is a Dingoo forum , it wouldn't be possible to discuss of it on others forums ?

    Gx-mod is the really best site to discuss all consoles .. why not the dingoo ?
    I'm sure , with their experience on other consoles that I will found lot of information in this gx section.

    Thank this blog for this information .. thanx gx for your work.

  5. lol, Warning!! Only ONE forum per language please! Not 2, not 3... Only ONE Please!

    lol ridiculus!

    Tanks to Gx-mod and all other french forums!