Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Booboo updates again!

Wahoo, here it is from to save y’all the clicking:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick update

Sorry for the slow updates. I've had to deal with lots of unexpected trouble during testing of dual-boot, plus school finished recently and thus my two daughters require more attention.
I appreciate your support very much and I know you're all holding your breath for the dual-boot functionality, so, please excuse me for the delay.
This is what's been done:

  • Dual boot code has been moved from U-Boot to the SPL: removes tiny delay introduced when booting the original firmware.
  • LCD support implemented both in SPL and U-Boot (both ILI9325 and ILI9331). The LCD now goes live immediately on bootup, which is great when loading linux because otherwise you would see a black LCD for a couple of seconds until the kernel framebuffer driver kicks in, and it is a bit confusing.
  • Implemented access to the SPL area (first eraseblock of NAND) in the linux kernel. This allows flashing the dual-boot binaries from linux.
  • Streamlined the flashing of the dual-boot binaries from linux.
This is what needs to be done:
  • Add a simple dialog that shows a disclaimer and asks for confirmation before flashing the dual-boot binaries.
That is very easy and I just need a couple of hours to do it, so I can assure there will be a release tomorrow or the day past tomorrow.
One final note: someone posted a comment pointing out that lingoox might sound a bit offensive in some contexts. If this is a problem we're on time to change it... so please let me know.


Although I urge you all to click on here anyway, to propose a different name for Lingoox, if you’re so inclined.  I have referred to it in the past as Booboo linux – I think it would be a great way for the community to reward him! What do you all think?

PS guys: Look at the second bullet point – Booboo is a perfectionist! I can assure you that don’t get this level of care on multi million IT projects from multinational IT consultancies!


  1. will be possible one day to have dosbox working on lingoox? by the way i ordered my dingoo today from ebay... waiting for booboos release

  2. DosBox would be possible to have on lingoox, however it wouldn't be able to run many things very well.

  3. Lingoox offensive?

    I've always had a soft spot for "Dingnux" :-D

  4. You're a dingux!
    Instead of Lingoox, how about Chingux :))


    But it was there

  5. Dingux sounds pretty cool.

  6. how about dingboox? or linding? or maybe even lingoo.