Friday, June 26, 2009

Booboo identifies the cause of slowdown, readies new release

After posting on his blog a theory about DMA starvation causing the slowdown, Booboo wrote a program to further investigate, and has determined the real culprit: A bug in the original firmware that affects the pixel-clock multiplier. In layman's terms, the pixel clock speed after being initialized on a dual boot system is less than that of the original, leading to the slowdown. However, this also fixes the screen tearing issue, which is an advantage to some. Booboo says that he has already fixed the problem and is readying a new release, but is ironing out some additional discrepancies with the GPIO. He also posted code to aid anyone who would like to write a program that adjusts the pixel clock speed (similar to the programs from A600 that adjust clock speed). Kudos to Booboo for finding (and fixing) the problem so fast!

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