Monday, June 8, 2009

All CPS2 shoot ‘em up games on Dingoo

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Great Hahou Daisakusen



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1944 – The Loop Master

Giga Wing

Mars Matrix

The shoot ‘em up is a sadly underdeveloped videogaming genre in this day and age (well, there’s Geometry Wars, and … Geometry Wars).

I never mastered any of them, but  I didn’t have to to love them. Nothing is more instantly playable than the following formula: (1) You (2) A craft of some kind (3) Progressively more and more bullets and larger and larger explosions. This might explain why in their heyday, they were as common as first person shooters are today. Development peaked, according to Wikipedia with “Bullet Hell” shmups in the early 1990’s. Capcom’s CPS2 shooters don’t seem to make Wikipedia’s list, but they most certainly qualify as “Bullet Hellish” – and are as fine an example of the visceral pulse pounding adrenaline boosting accessibility of this timeless genre, which may from time to time lie generally dormant, but never ever dies.

Here’s a sampler: if you have the bandwidth, I recommend you go to Youtube and view it in HQ fullscreen!

All the games shown run nicely on the native firmware CPS2 emulator.  A few do slowdown when hundreds of bullets appear on the screen at the same time, but this is one instance where the mere 400MHZ of the Dingoo’s CPU is actually a good thing, as it allows the player to actually have an opportunity to dodge them. The best thing? There’s only 7 of ‘em, and you can get them prepatched for your Dingoo if you poke around here.

Must … play … CPS2 shooters ….now ….

Are you a shooter fan? Name your favourites. What are the ten best shooters of all time?

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  1. GREAT stuff!

    I just grabbed 'em and they rock!