Monday, June 15, 2009

Ainu posts something just as important as dualboot – Linux File Manager

Almost as important as dualboot is some way of launching Dingoo apps without a keyboard – and until Gmenu is ported, or a virtual keyboard developed, Ainu’s workaround is going to be very useful.  Read about and grab it here:

(If you’re so inclined, Ainu’s solution now allows you - even without dualboot - to play ported games without a PC after Linux is launched.  You’ll still need a PC to boot Linux though, and once you turn the Dingoo off, you’ll have to connect to a PC to boot Linux again, of course.)

Well done, Ainu!

Another video is linked here:


  1. Is it some russian guy? Cuz i heared specific accent.

  2. yeah im stupid, he is russian (or ukrainian may be).

  3. "Just as important" -- That's kind of insulting to how much more effort and how much more worthwhile to dual-boot linux port is.
    That said, this is a useful lightweight utility for linux users until a more functional GUI is ported or created.

  4. I'm sure booboo is not insulted. His goal has always been to focus on the core, encouraging others to work on other parts. This is not a pissing contest. If dualboot was released tonight, this is the only option anyone has so far released which will enable programs to launch without a link to the PC. It is impotant not aas a substitute for dualboot - it is imporant because without it, or a gui or something like it, we would still be tied to the PC, even after dualboot.

  5. I'm from Russia)
    Also, I think, we need to usable music player, with playlists etc and (its important) useful txt, rtf, pdf, html reader with supporting in files.