Friday, May 8, 2009

Wonderswan emulator v0.2 file found by Bingo83!

For those of you trying to find a Wonderswan emulator, give Bingo83 a big hug at the A320 freeforums:



Our friends over on the Chinese A320 forum have found a Wonderswan emulator V0.2 that works on the Dingoo.
Just extract and put the .SIM file in the usual place and ensure your roms are labelled .WS
The emu doesnt find .WSC roms at all (yet).
I tried Loderunner which ran full screen if a touch too slow.
You can try it for yourself

There are links to Wonderswan birdfood here.

For more information about this emulator, go to Jorgehj’s site here:

Props, Jorgehj!


  1. Wasn't so stable with Final Fantasy II + translation. It crashed, but I was able to exit the emu and try again. Except it just crashed.

  2. everything I run freezes for me >=\

  3. really you guys have to go to a chinese forum to find a spanish emulator?

  4. Is there anything worth playing on Wonderswan? I mean are all the ports of FF any better than GBA ports? And are there any good exclusives?

  5. Super Robot Taisen !

    there are several.

  6. guys that emulator isnt finish is only investigation so dont soy bad things of it...

    its more easy to find jorgehj blog than a chinese forum i think....

    thank you jorgehj you re helping the scene¡¡¡

    un saludo gente¡

  7. Thanks jorgehj for this emulator

    :D :D :D

    Un saludo peña¡¡¡