Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wonderswan emulator updated again

Another day, another update top Jorghej’s Wonderswan emulator.  Grab it here.

Jorghej says:

I request excuses by the errors that did impossible to play in version 0.3. Corrected the majority of them already it is possible to be played the engaged games. Also the execution has been accelerated considerably deshabilitando the file of log as they recommended to me and excluding certain files in the compilation (files used in some tests).

I also asked Jorghej the following question:

Hello Jorghej, Would it be very difficult to do what you have done with the Wonderswan emulator, and produce a port of Frodo, or another C64 emulator?

His reply:

I do not think is much more complicated…

Linux or not, the future looks bright for Dingoo emulation. Jorghej, how can we get you to work on Frodo? Can we take up a collection and send you dancing girls, gold bars and small islands?

1 comment :

  1. No no no. Not Frodo for crying out loud. It's been a decade since it was state of the art. VICE should run fine and is the choice of the c64 scene.