Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonderswan emulator 0.3 released

Props to Jorghej for releasing v0.3 of his Wonderswan emulator.  Grab it here!


Jorghej, good on you for not slowing down your work on this emulator.  It seems to me that after a flurry of homebrew activity 2 weeks ago, the considerable progress on Linux could have slowed things down a bit – are developers waiting for Linux before investing more time into this machine? But as Jorghej shows, there is no need to wait for Linux to be released before working on homebrew! 

Don’t forget there are links to Wonderswan birdfood here.


  1. Would someone who knows about Wonderswan/color post a list of 20-25 games that are worth downloading if you don't speak the language they were intended for?

  2. Don't get any RPGs, there's no sram function yet.