Friday, May 8, 2009

so9 posts beta HXF tool for firmware

From the A320freeforums:
Hi to all
the first beta of my hxftool is ready for a few tests
- integrated hex-viewer for single files inside the hxf-package
- change bootscreens
- change a few default settings
- language editor for english-texts
- some automatic patches (including the td-mod)
it's straight forward to use. simply open a hxf-file and change whatever you want. there's no need to use an unpacker. everything is done online so backup your hxf-file (just in case). i'm a little bit out of time maybe someone can write a tutorial?
if all this bricks your dingoo look here ... icker-tool

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  1. This has a great interface. I did a run-through of all the text in TD3, and corrected most of it to make sense. I still have yet to test it, because there's a crapload of roms that need backing up.