Picshow 0.3 was released a month or 2 ago

Download from here. Information:

Current version: v0.3
JPG, BMP Supported formats: JPG, BMP
7000*6000 (BMP) Maximum size: 7000 * 6000 (BMP)
5000*4000 (JPG) 5000 * 4000 (JPG)
Button Description:
Arrow keys to move the image, A zoom button, B button to narrow. X and △ key to switch images.
Combination of keys
POWER + LEFT Fit to width
POWER + RIGHT Original Size
POWER + UP for a high degree of
A + B rapid switch scaling (for the width of the original size, suitable for a high, 50%, 25%, 12.5%)
Installation Method:
PicShow.SIM documents will be copied to the small machine GAME directory, enter the small machine "Classic Game", select the image files to open depend on you.
Update Description:
v0.3 v0.3
1. In support of more than 20 million super-resolution display
2. Default zoom level to adapt to the screen changed to a high degree of
3. Dynamic display loading image
4. Shortcut keys to switch scaling
v0.2 v0.2
1. Amendments to narrow the image display tilt error
2. The amendment to reduce unnecessary screen image below shows the error
3. Amendments to the far left appears to enlarge the image shows an error
4. Information be changed to semi-transparent
5. To amend parts of JPEG image loading errors of Death
6. Join the fast-switching image features
7. Limit the scope of the image moving
8.'s Accession to the effect of sliding
the initial v0.1 release, support BMP, JPEG image viewer, support for non-class scalability.
v0.3 support for the resolution of the scope can be as high as 40 million pixels (bmp format), JPG format for the current support to 20 million pixels.
40 million pixels as BMP picture has been the need for the 160M memory space, so small in the load 7 has revealed that the picture will take a very long time, but he will certainly be able to display and can view the original ratio.
As the cpu speed, I did not use the complex scaling method, the relatively poor quality, but 100%, 50%, 25%, the proportion of 12.5% ... and so on, the picture quality is very high. You can use shortcut keys A + B switch these types of zoom mode.
As measured, 15 million pixel digital camera picture can be a normal open-megapixel .3000 of a world map (BMP format) can also be opened to normal.
At present, bmp to support greater than the jpg, I would like to look at the map with a friend, it is best to save it as a bmp format images.
have fun, program is by Landlord


  1. The latest version is 0.31 and is a few months old like this.

  2. hey, i´m on dingoo scene :D
    i uploaded this a month ago though and the version is from late march. go here for the source:
    greetz, eule

  3. sry for double commenting, i just went to the chinese forum, where i dled picshow from, there´s no new version, 0.3 is the latest, i think (my chinese is google ^^).
    This is the chinese forum, you can look it up yourself:

  4. Sorry all. Apologies for printing news so old, that even the fish and chips aroma is gone.

  5. maybe someone can report back if this tool is actually useful, since i still have no dingoo. :/

  6. Picshow 0.31
    PicShow_A320.rar (2009-4-5 14:27:00, 277.17 K)


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