Saturday, May 16, 2009

Official Shenzen Dingoo Digital Firmware A320 update v 1.1

Amidst the growing excitement over Linux, Homebrew and whatever else, it’s easy to forget that the manufacturers also have a say in things.  A new version 1.1 firmware has been released on the official Dingoo website: grab it here (It’s the first item on the list of downloads).  Unfortunately, no Y/B button fix appears apparent from the text file which accompanied it:

This firmware version shows as V1.1, the language functions in an increase of Japanese, Korean, Russian in three languages, upgraded A320
     Built-in language is Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, six, to facilitate the use of players around the world.
Small fruit Digital:

A320 firmware upgrade steps:
1. Connected to the computer's USB line, the A320-extracting machine A320.HXF the root directory (can be overwritten A320.HXF old files)
2. Election security from the USB device, disconnect the USB line.
3. Shutdown.
4.十字键Hold down the down button, and then boot.
5. (If you have just copyed into the A320.HXF version than the updated version of the machine) machine will automatically begin the upgrade.
6. After the upgrade to the A320 can loom "Settings" directory in the "About This Mac" to view the corresponding firmware version. 

Although, it is positive that Dingoo is selling well enough to the Japanese, Koreans and Russians to warrant an official firmware update:)


  1. Well, is it more than a couple of language updates? Seems to be no info about it at all O.o !?

  2. probably so... the last one was very minimal.

  3. Can someone post proper English firmware update instructions?

  4. Pretty cool to have Russian language. Too pity there are some grammar mistakes, but that's ok. The best is that the book reader now understand cyrillic encoding! Yahoo!!!

  5. Russian, to Chineses of a hand it is necessary to tear off curve hands for such transfer. How there can be a music a concert?

  6. Do transfer English-> Russian instead of Chinese - Russian

  7. "Russian, to Chineses of a hand it is necessary to tear off curve hands for such transfer. How there can be a music a concert?"

    Ok, what does this mean?

  8. when the dingoo's flash player will be fixed ?
    we can't use buttons and pad to play flash games

  9. A flash player in version 8 or 9 with good keymapping would be a HUGE feature.

    REALLY a HUGE feature.

    I'm a Flash developper and I know a lot of developpers as me who would be VERY interested with creating Flash content for the Dingoo.

  10. This is the basic explanation needed to upgrade firmware:

    1. Download the latest firmware update and if it's a .zip or a .rar file extract it. You should get a .HXF file when you're ready to go.

    2. Connect your Dingoo to your PC with your USB cord.

    3. Open the Dingoo main directory by going to My Computer and finding which "removable disk" it is.

    4. Put the .HXF file in the main directory.

    5. Unplug the USB cord

    6. Turn off the Dingoo.

    7. Hold the down arrow on the Dpad while turning the Dingoo back on.

    8. You should get a firmware update message. Once the update is done your Dingoo will likely be in Chinese so you'll have to dig around in the settings area and change it back to English.

    Good luck!