Thursday, May 7, 2009

Linux booting video!

Booboo has posted a video of Linux booting on Youtube:


  1. booboo es un genio¡¡

    Thanks for your job booboo

  2. It kind of dissapoints me to see that the memory only runs at 84Mhz. I wonder if it is possible to overclock this as well.

  3. The memory clock is the CPU clock divided by four (336MHz / 4 = 84MHz). The JZ4740 is rated at up to 400MHz (memory 133MHz) and with linus changing it is trivial (actually 336MHz just happens to be the default startup value). In fact, the kernel has a CPU frequency control driver for JZ4740 that can slow down or speed up the system clock by request of userspace code or automagically controlled by "governors" (=algorythms which measure the CPU usage and adjust the clock speed to meet certain requirements of system speed, battery endurance, etc).

    By the way, the memory chips installed in my dingoo are rated at 166MHz according to the datasheet.

    If you set the dingoo CPU at 400MHz on startup, memory will be running at 133MHz.