Tuesday, May 26, 2009

joyirder3774’s Waternet running on Dingoo Linux

Look here: something else to run if you manage to go through the magic incantations, summon the Dread Dormammu, invoke the Vishanti and by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, actually successfully install Dingoo Linux!

Rejoice, for joyirder3774 has irded his loins (and we are joyful), and compiled his GP2x Waternet game – looks like a Pipemania clone? - for Dingoo Linux!

Discuss it here.


  1. Owhh!!
    Dingoo Linux!
    Dingoo is sucess in Brazil.

    thanks dingo-scene

  2. another brazilian dingoo fan!!
    this is beyond awesome!!!

  3. Here another brazilian fan! Ok, I'm not brazilian, but I do live in Brazil :)

    Although the post office seems to have lost or stolen my dingoo, so I'm still don't have one :(

  4. cool man! so, an old welcome to our contry!
    so mine, i buy from DX about 5 days... and wainting is killing me!!!
    anyway, i'm from são paulo.
    msn: quixotebello@hotmail.com