Friday, May 22, 2009

Is this a PSPingoo?


From whence all the treasures of China hail, comes another Dingoo wannabe, or maybe a Dingoo notatall.  No reviews yet, but keep checking back … you never know – it might actually work. To while away the hours while Linux development progresses, click here if you want one.


  1. Judging from the button-layout, menu-interface etc, it looks more like a Dingoo-wannabe than a Dingoo-competitor, but it could be nice :) !

  2. It would actually be kind of cool if it weren't a psp clone. I guess these companies just can't understand why somebody wouldn't want a cheap knockoff.

  3. tempted to make a purchase just to test it out, id love to know if it contains the same hardware as the dingoo...

  4. I can almost bet it does not have the same hardware as the dingoo, and the UI is very different (besides I would not see the point of dingoo digital to make a machine that is worse than the dingoo when the dingoo still are a good seller)!

  5. I bet it's not an Ingenic-powered device, judging on the interface it seems a rockchip pmp. I think there would be no way to improve that brick... anyway it has a nice 4.3" screen, and sure is sooooo cheap!

  6. Looks like a PXP-900.

  7. What do we know about PXP-900 ?
    DealExtreme has it for 59.46$
    If it has the same or the similar hardware, it should be considered for Linux porting too.

    It's cheaper and has bigger screen (I don't know anything about the build quality etc.) - it can be a better console.

    So can anybody share info about the guts of this device ?

  8. 1) It's cheaper
    2) To Dingoo Digital, the A320 is a great success
    3) The UI looks completely different
    4) It shows to be a PMP instead of any dingoo-trace
    5) No "official" company to it, and no sdk

    Why would (should?) it have anything to do with the dingoo or dingoo digital what-so-ever???

  9. It is an obvious P O S. The resolution of the screen is the same as the supports far fewer video formats and game platforms. It has a maximum of 6GB space. Dealextreme has posted false information about the hardware specs (nothing new). Also, I don't know about other places worldwide but in the US you can pick up a used first gen psp for close to that price.

  10. I saw it, i prefert the Dingoo A320

    By the way, anyone have news about the Dingoo A380 ?
    When it will be released ?

  11. Well i dont think its a copy because there are quite a lot availible from a lot chineese manufacture's look at this page
    it's the same but with a better camera and more memory

  12. It's nothing compared to a real PSP.