flatmush releases Minesweeper

flatmush has released Minesweeper on the Openhandheld dingoo forums:

Here is a minesweeper game that I've made for the a320.
The controls are:
- The D-Pad moves the cursor.
- A uncovers a tile.
- B marks a tile.
- Select takes a screenshot.
- Start exits.
The playable game is available here: http://flatmush.juliusparishy.com/a320/MineSweeper_Release.zip
The source code is available here: http://flatmush.juliusparishy.com/a320/MineSweeper_Source.zip
This is probably more use as an example of how to make applications without using the s2dsdk, it contains enough functions to get anybody started in a320 programming without all the useless bloated sdk code.
Edit: If you downloaded before 02:19 17/05/2009 GMT then re-download since the level 4 crash bug is now fixed, was due to my rand function not being random enough.


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