Saturday, May 16, 2009

flatmush posts C99 World sample without s2dsdk

Over at the A320 freeforums, flatmush posted the following:

This sample shows you how to compile C programs which directly access the frame-buffer and controls, so that you don't have to use the s2dsdk. This gives you full control of the machine so be careful, I still have things to work out but for my first day with an a320 I think it's pretty good.
If you look at the code included with all the other samples most of it is unused bloat, from other PMP's, my code is a fraction of the size and simpler to understand.
Download the sample from:
Once you run the sample it will simply change the color of the screen dependent on what buttons you press.
Any questions?
Tomorrow I will upload my software graphics library so that we can get some proper games running, hopefully astro lander by the end of the week from me.

Good one; thanks flatmush!

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  1. Please checkout my other samples, all of which are located in:
    The hello world sample works fine, but it's display system uses direct framebuffer access so it won't work for games, the other samples show some more advanced techniques.