Dingoo Linux so close …


Here’s an excruciatingly exciting update from Booboo on Linux:

Status update:
Sound is working. Turns out that the ALSA support in the Ingenic
kernel just doesn't work. OSS does, though the implementation is a bit
buggy the sound quality is not affected as far as I know.
I just need to get the keys working and we'll have miniSD + video +
sound + keys, just enough to play emulators and other apps, as long as
one doesn't mind booting into linux just for that and resetting when
finished to get back to the original firmware. Using linux as a full
blown firmware substitute won't be possible until the rest of the
hardware is supported.
Key support is trivial and I'm sure I'll get it working this weekend.
At the moment the only way to boot linux is by using the USB boot
mode, so a host PC is required. As you know I spent quite a lot of
time trying to tap into the original firmware boot process, but got
stuck with the TLB exception issue.
I'll try to figure out an alternate way to get dual boot working.

If Linux slips out this weekend … ah well, looks like I might have to return those Eurovision Song Contest tickets.


  1. oh snap! this is excellent news...i just ordered mine last night, i hope it gets here soon!

  2. Wow. The USB thing sucks, but still, I never thought it'd get this far. Though, if it did come out this weekend, there's no emulators so we'd only have G-Menu.

  3. well i'll be buying a mini sd card asap then :D
    booboo thanks a lot for your efforts so far dude, your work is whats going to truly open up the dingoo for everyone, tis appreciated!

  4. This is great news! I'm still waiting for waiting for my dingoo, but as soon as it arrives here my focus will be running linux on this thing and develop a decent GUI. Since the firmware is recently crippled (Y-B issue, mp3 player sucks, no subtitles for videos, problematic emulation) I don't see the point in dual booting. I'd personally be very content in having linux as the sole OS on the dingoo.

    If you want to fix your redirection problem using html as a temporary fix, just do the following, it will automatically redirect the browser to this blog:
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    current html you have on the site including the link to this blog

    Don't forget to remove the hyphens from the tags ;)


  5. What the above wrote, since this is so much better than the built-in OS I'd rather go for 100% linux, with its own Menu GUI etc :) !

  6. @anonymous

    Thank you for the html code - it has fixed the redirect issue! Much obliged.


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