Saturday, May 30, 2009

Booboo posts updated Dingoo Linux Kernel

Booboo has updated his linux kernel. Get it here:

The label says this: Linux kernel, fixed 8 bit sound mode, keymap changed to mimic GP2X .

From the Spanish GP2x forums:

The problem with the audio one in 8 bits.


I finish correcting it. The code of driver of sound OSS gives miedito. It does not arrive nor at alpha. Ominous quality, shoddy work and errors by a acojonante tube….
Also I have changed the one of the keyboard. Now soon I hang in google code new a binary one of kernel (the code in repositorio svn, obvious). You could verify that the keyboard map now is correct.
Please good test the subject of the sound because it has been hung to me once. Only one, and I has not returned to happen, but you observe any rare thing, I occurred it.
Another thing: you could try what so the gain control works. It is only necessary to compile some utility that allows to modify mixer of OSS. I say it because a gain control like so does not exist, and what it becomes it is a displacement to the right of the bits of the samples.
In addition, now I decide to me, the gain control will not work in the way of 8 bits. When adjustment has it awhile.


  1. Who traduciĆ³ esto? ahaghaha

  2. man, when i got mine i ll try to help