Saturday, May 16, 2009

Booboo Linux - keys done!

From the Spanish GP2x forums (untranslated link here), it’s clear Booboo hasn’t been idle this Friday night:

I finish implementing the keyboard and what I have done it is not to warm up the head to me and to use the mapeo of keyboard of the SNES9X:
D-DAP: you shoot with an arrow
Button A: “d”
Button B: “c”
Button X: “s”
Button and: “x”
Button left shoulder: “to”
Button right shoulder: “z”
START: to enter
SELECT: space
If somebody has some better suggestion, please it says than it.
For the subject of the volume of audio and the retroiluminación of the screen me a pair of things has been happened and also it would want to hear commentaries:
In both cases his it is to implement these functions in drivers corresponding. This is very well for a system of escritiorio but it seems to me that very it is not adapted for the Dingoo. I explain myself:
The implementation in drivers provides a standard API so that soon the programs of usuary way do what they create advisable. When one has a graphical interface X this one manages the keyboard so that when the special keys are detected to raise/to lower volume and retroiluminación are sent to an application makes specific that she is the unique one that speaks with drivers and that it makes the adjustments pertinent. So that all this works must have an organization that manages the keyboard soon and distributes inputs (x) and to make an application that is in charge to manage inputs of those special keys that X commands to him.
But in a320 we do not have manager X, and each application will read inputs directly, so to not having a “intermediary” who redirige to different applications we cannot have an application of user in background that is in charge of the volume and the retroiluminación. In any case already you know that it interests to have the minuses applications running at the same time, not to consume memory. The circumstance that in a system with as rigid hardware occurs in addition as it is a320 we know very clearly from right now how they must work the volume as much as the retroiluminación.
What I have thought is, instead of to manage those functions from drivers corresponding to directly do it from driver of keyboard GPIO. Of that form, Independent of the fact that application is running one could modify the volume and the retroiluminación using a special combination of keys.
Also in this respect I would like to hear opinions exceeds what combinations of keys would be most suitable for these intentions. I have to confess that I have not gotten myself to read nor the manual of a320 so nor how does not become in the emulators of firmware original, but it gives equal me because how does firmware not necessarily original it must be most advisable for the user (that or we know how they are the Chinese).

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