Yi-Chi King Fighter - Great little native “3D” .app Dingoo Shooter!

This nice playing shooter, “Yi-Chi King Fighter” is a native .app Dingoo shooter!  I believe it was originally written for the Gemei 760, but it runs beautifully on the Dingoo.

The game reminds me of a late 90’s shoot em up.  Nicely, you start with some pretty decent firepower, and then it gets better.

Grab it here.  Put it in the “3d” folder of “Game”, and off you go blasting then!


  1. I found that as well on my trawl round the Chinese A320 websites. I also found one sites FTP dump with lots of these .APP games for the Dingoo (around 16 in total) shame I cant nab them though as that folder was passworded :(

  2. There seems to be a firmware with bbe support here..

    However, I can't manage to create an account and reply in order to download it.

  3. A sound enhancement technology. Like SRS or Virtual Surround only more effective.

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  5. Ok, got access to the FTP.

    I don't know all that is on it.
    The top link does not work, but the other BBE Firmaware should be downloadable.

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  8. I'm downloading and uploading the firmware.

  9. BBE Firmware

  10. http://www.soft3d.org/download.asp
    all (?) official games for the dingoo. 3rd option is games, 4th is apps. 1st is SDK, 2nd for some guides.

  11. how do you get the gba files to play on gemei 760+


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