Improve d-pad responsiveness with PSP button accessory

One complaint I do have about the Dingoo is that the d-pad is quite low set into the case.  There is not always enough “travel” or movement on the d-pad, which makes diagonals or quick movements in games difficult to pull off.

I mentioned using these things to fix the problem here.

Well, mind came in the mail the other day.  It’s black, but my Dingoo is white; ah well, never mind.  Black is cool.

I installed it – the back of the button has some sort of sticky pad which simply sticks on - and it looks like this:





As you can see, this “raises” the d-pad.  It really works, too!  I find all games easier to control.  And the button extender has stayed on so far as well; that sticky pad is something special!  I recommend this without reservation, if you find the d-pad too low.


  1. I never hear that complain before, and now your d-pad looks awful

  2. its a problem for sure - the dingoo supports systems with an utter bounty of fighter games that require things like quarter turns on the d-pad - virtually impossible with the built in pad - see how you go at street fighter!!

  3. It's extremely ugly. Couldn't there be a hack where the REAL d-pad is raised somehow? Then again, I've never seen the d-pad outside of the case before.

  4. I've examined the dpad and how it sits from the inside after opening the dingoo before ( ). There's not a lot of plastic to shave off, if you start to mess with it to raise it from the inside. I think any such mod would be very difficult, and might result in the dpad never sitting properly again. Be creful if u try it!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Nevermind the above comment. I was suggesting a d-pad replacement, but the DS Lite has a bad d-pad too. It's probably even worse.

  7. dude... I wonder if I can just open my dingoo up take out the d-pad peice and just make a replica of it out of polyclay (that really cool clay that they sell in every art supply store that bakes rock hard in your oven)

  8. man i wish i had one of these they seem so cool!!!


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