A Dingoo by any other name …

Turns out that another name for Dingoo is “Chinavision CVFH-N03-4G”.  You can get one here for AUD $122.22.


  1. I never heard of a such a nice little device like Dingoo before, so I was on my daily look at Engadget.com and heard of this chinavision thing, so I ordered one right away... Later on I found out about Dingoo and it's identical to chinavision. Then I did a couple of searches and check some videos on youtube about Dingoo. Man... I'm impressed, cannot wait to receive mine(although mine will be a chinavision).

    I placed the chinavision order on Saturday and received an e-mail today saying they didn't mailed my device today because I needed to correct the address, so I already replied with the correct address and I believe they will ship tomorrow.

    @Larry or whoever responsible in getting the DX points
    I would've order one from the link you have on the blog to get you some DX points if I knew, but like I said above, I have never heard of Dingoo, even less this blog. Rest assure, if I like my chinavision, I will be ordering more and get the actually Dingoo instead of chinavision through Deal Xtreme, I'll be using the link provided to support this awesome site.

  2. Hey! I've ordered one from Chinavasion too. I am waiting to receive it sometime in the next week. Glad to hear anyone that ordered it from Chinavasion!

  3. Bit of an update on this, Sofia from Dingoo posted over on [url]http://a320.freeforums.org[/url]

    [QUOTE]Hello firends,

    Dingoo A320 is originally made by Dingoo not by Gemei, it is not rebrand or sth. Gemei is just one facotry of Dingoo, not other relations. About Chinavasion, it is just a wholesaler of eletronics, that is to say it is just a small customer of Dingoo. They just take our A320 then rename on their website then sell, just like this. If you looking carefully at the pictures showing on their web, you will find that they never show a picture of A320's backside. That due to all A320's back side are marked by Dingoo. So, friend, pls don't doubt about the A320's original manufacturer anymore !

    Tks again for your concern and support on our Dingoo A320.


  4. Hey there! I bought from Chinavasion, and I'm very happy with the choice I made. Under 4 days, and it was at my doorstep, and it all works! Very nice, I still don't know why they bother to rename/rebrand it even though when you get it, it has the Dingoo sign on the back lol.


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