Thursday, March 19, 2009

HexxenOverdrive posts Gameboy Color Full Set Collection – Goomba converted and ready for Dingoo

The GBC emulator for the Dingoo does not work, IMHO, as well as emulating the GBC through the Dingoo’s GBA emulator.  I suspect it was not originally written for the A320.

The trouble with Goomba is that it can be confusing to use it.  Goomba converts GBC Roms through this interface:


… and saves the all the converted games in a single file (you give this file a name, like “GBC.gba”). You place this file on your Dingoo, and launch it as if it were a GBA ROM.  It’s not that difficult, but it can be a tad confusing for the uninitiated, or annoying for the lazy)

Click here for pretty much every GBC game ever made, converted by Goomba, ready for running on your Dingoo (warning, ~67meg). Just unzip and place the files where you put your ROMS (NOTE: The original file didn’t work properly.  Archive is now split into several .GBA files. The A and B Roms don’t appear to work, but C to Z run fine).

Thanks Hexxenoverdrive!


  1. File to way too big and crashed when you get to "S". Need spliting into 10 smaller files.

  2. Hello, congratulations for your blog. It's great.

    Please make a post about converting and playing Neo Geo games on Dingoo. I have a lot of roms (.ngc) but I simply can't play. I have tried all, but nothing worked.


    Alexandre Gandini

  3. agandani, try this link:

    (you'll have to register first).

    I believe there are many Dingoo-ready neo-geo roms there.

  4. Anonymous, do you mean it chashes when unzipping, or crashes when launched in your Dingoo?

    Anyone else having this problem?

  5. Hi

    As you scroll down the games it gets slower and slower. When you get to games beginning with "So" is is so slow it seems to stop. If you wanted a game beginning with A with would take ages to get there - assuming you can as I never got close.

  6. Now fixed .... if you don't play anything from A or B:)!

  7. watch my vid on neo geo conversion on youtube under 505mcasias.