Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Warning, Dingoo “Scam” – don’t fall for it, support this site instead:)

Nhut on the Dingoo Facebook group makes this interesting observation:

“ http://www.thinkgeek.com/electronics/retro-gaming/bd6f/?ref=c/&cpg=cj
ThinkGeek is trying to sell the Dingoo A320 under a fake (and horrible) name: the "Pocket Retro Game Emulator". For 99.99$, shipping NOT included.
I can understand that.
If they say the name "Dingoo A320", their customers (you know, the "geeks") will google that name, and find out that it's sold on DealExtreme for less than 85$ shipping included. And if you browse around DX you'll find 5$ gadgets sold for 20 on ThinkGeek.
It looks like this "Pocket Retro Game Emulator" is already sold out.
What do you guys think about all this? “

Well, I know what I think. If you wanna buy a Dingoo, get it from DX. Better still, use this link or this one for BLACK, and I get those eminently useless but strangely collectible DX points.


  1. Is it just me, or has DX been flakey all day?

  2. Connection refused at dealextreme for me...

  3. The reason people are ordering this on ThinkGeek is because DealExtreme can have shoddy customer service sometimes. I know when I order on ThinkGeek that the product will arrive on time and that I will have a supportive customer service group that will answer my question in full English in a timely manner. Bottom line: ThinkGeek is safer. Also notice that they have free shipping on orders over $75, Gadgetmiser. That's only $15 extra to guarantee that my dingoo will arrive unharmed without any parts missing.

  4. Well I purchased mine at thinkgeek, I am suppose to get it today, of course I didnt know the name of the console until I start googling. At least I got it with a free shipping code, and they are also sending me a "free" watch with my geekpoints.

    Looking forward to put my hands on this, and develop some stuff

  5. I know that DX customer service is one of the worst available. It's OK to pay more for better service.

    What I wanted to point is that on ThinkGeek they didn't even mention the real name of their product. "Dingoo Digital A-320" is nowhere to be seen.


    Just because they fear the Chinese and their lower price. If they had confidence in their own service quality they would admit it's the same console and assume their higher price.

    If anyone has a better explanation than mine I woul be glad to read it.

  6. Nhut is totally right.

    I have, and never will, support anything about ThinkGeek. The whole concept is bullshit.

  7. DX has been nothing but outstanding for me. There customer service may not know correct English but they have always replied promptly to every questions. Also when ever I have an RMA I just ship it to the Miami address and as soon as I provide them the tracking # my replacement is on its way. However i didn't order my A30 from them, I ended up getting it off eBay with a Paypal 15% off coupon. But after over 100 orders from DX I would recommend them to everyone.

  8. I just ordered from Thinkgeek. I know I payed more but I trust them, and I get a ton of geek points which are actually fun. After this I can get a free RC Helicopter :-p.

    Dealextreme wouldn't tell me if they had it in stock, which is a bad sign, thats part of the reason I put in an order from thinkgeek even thought they are out, they gurantee they will get more and ship it by june 24th. Plus, if something goes wrong I know I can trust them to give me my money back.

    Additionally, if you search for Dingoo on thinkgeek it comes up. I would assume they change the name so people actualy buy it. "Pocket Retro Game Emulator" makes sense to even the most technically inept person, Dingoo sounds like a wild australian dog.

  9. DX is still failing to load for me. I'm in the UK. Is it connecting okay for the US?

    Thinkgeek is pretty cheap. GBAX sells the Dingoo in the UK for 80 quid, so about $125.00.

  10. This is a good thing don't you see!! Dingoo is growing and is getting more press now. The more people buy this thing the more the software will grow.

    Two reasons to buy from thinkgeek vs. direct from China.

    1. If the thing dies out of the box you can deal with an American support agent (they are American not outsourced).

    2. The shipping will be quicker coming from an American reseller then direct from China.

  11. I GREATLY prefer ThinkGeek over Deal Extreme. Period.

  12. I've never ordered from ThinkGeek before, but DX will come through with the goods (hopefully my Dingoo will arrive this afternoon)...so I'm happy/content with that.

    Oh, and yes, the DX website has been (and still is) down for me as well.

  13. DX can be kinda weird.. I ordered a bunch of random stuff like 15 days ago. I had not recieved or heard anything from them since, so I emailed them today asking what the deal was. Couple hours later I recieved an email saying my order had just been shipped. It was like forgot about me or something.. So now i will wait another 10-14 days.

  14. no apologize for thinkgeek, ok for quickly shipping and all, but no mention of the real name is not honnest, that's all ..

    In france, we have Metashop who sell the Dingoo for 100€ (~70€ on DX), but they call Dingo A320, no problem..

  15. DX took a long time, but they updated the status of the backorder and shipping. I never worried at all.
    (My black A320)
    Chinavision took very little time, but zero communications. I didn't have time to worry.
    (My white A320)

    Chinavision charged more, but it was still under 100 bucks I think.

    Some unscrupulous folks are always going to try and take advantage of popular trends and folks like me who can't wait. :|

    It's just cool that OTHER folks are alert and willing to sound a warning.

    Good stuff.

  16. I just got mine today from thinkgeek (happy as hell)

    I think the console itself doesnt have a name, dingoo is the name of the company, and a320 is the model, its like calling a PSP "sony X23424"

    So I've seen several companies calling it different "pocket retro emulator" "mini media portable player" , etc, even the box itself says something like "portable media player"

    Im a thinkgeek costumer, and yes I know some of the items they sell cheaper at different stores, but they have a good customer service, and they are always giving things for "free".

  17. I just got it from ThinkGeek for my husband (father's day gift "from" our girls) and we both love it. I want one for myself although in white. I want to get it from DX if only the website didn't go down more than a $10 hooker on a Friday night.

  18. DX has been offline due to a DoS attack by one of the thinkgeek community, I think they just want to sell more.

  19. I can't imagine thinkgeek having a "community" that would bother pulling a DoS attack on a competitor. I think the people smart and mean enough to do that would already know that everyhting thinkgeek sells is availble for cheaper somewhere else. Why would there be any loyalty. I'm sure DealExtreme is just having server problems.

    Now if they had pissed off 4chan....

  20. I got mine from Thinkgeek.. I can honestly say I trust them a bit more.

  21. order from think geek if you want it there faster because it takes three weeks to get it from dealsextereme.com and to get it sooner you have to pay extra

  22. I've ordered three Dingoos.

    The first, from an eBay seller in China, arrived in three weeks and was pretty decent. It was $85 at the time, and came loaded with a lot of foreign-language roms, too. I sold it for $79 when I thought I might try a different device for a while.

    The second, ordered from an official USA reseller who is active in the Dingoo community, cost me $88 (including shipping) and came in four days, pre-flashed with the 1.20 pof firmware and loaded with the MegaPack. Unfortunately, it had a small defect, and I opted to sell it instead of waiting for him to get more in stock.

    The third, ordered from ThinkGeek with Next-Day UPS shipping, cost me $106 after a $10-off coupon. I was also able to use my GeekPoints to get an extra gift for free.

    I could have ordered my current Dingoo from DX or one of the other China shippers, but they would have taken *at least* three weeks to get it to me. I would have considered ordering from the American reseller, but he was out of stock.

    What it comes down to is that, in the USA, if you want a Dingoo within a week, you don't have a lot of choices. ThinkGeek does charge $15 more, but they ship IMMEDIATELY, and depending on how fast you want it, you can get anything from Next Day to standard ground (3-7 days) shipping. NONE of the Chinese sellers will ship that fast, and if you have problems you have to deal with Chinese-language customer service. ThinkGeek are US-based and slightly easier to deal with than a HK-based company would be.

    Don't get me wrong... I LOVE DX. They rock (usually) for smaller, cheaper items. However, I've had a $42 refund from them "pending" for over three weeks now, and they still haven't contacted me and let me know what's up. That's a major strike against them in my book.

    ThinkGeek has problems, too... But at least they're domestic, and for US buyers, waiting a few weeks for a Hong Kong seller to get around to shipping an item doesn't sound like the best choice if you have the extra $15 to spend.

  23. For the record, your link to ThinkGeek goes to:

    "a320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator"

    So they do, in fact, mention the model number.

  24. Just don't buy from Dingoo Digital USA. They're scammers. The guy who owns it is all about making excuses for why the product hasn't shipped, until the 45 day limit on making paypal claims is up. Then he just stops replying to your emails, you realize you were scammed out of over a hundred bucks, and he's laughing.

    He claims to have a day job that has him working over 12 hours a day, but that's a load of horse shit. Thanks Justin, for stealing my money and running off to snort it up your nose!