Sunday, May 6, 2012

qbertaddict analyses soundlag on android devices

Ok here was a little experiment I preformed showing the lag on 3 android based devices. Two of the devices are PMP's from the companies JXD and Yinlips and the third device is a SAMSUNG Galaxy Nexus. When running SOME but not all emulators there seems to be a sound lag and the devices have been getting the blame. I have come to the conclusion that devices are not to blame. It seems to be a problem with either the Android OS itself or the emulators not handling sound synch correctly. I added a non-android device into the mix to show you how the game is supposed to sound.

Great work qbertaddict, this gives us all hope!

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  1. the stock android soundserver is audioslinger and it has an high latency, about 170ms.... pulseaudio was ported to android months ago and registered a latency of about 20ms... i don't understand why rom developer don't include pulseaudio, witch is open source, on android.