Gamesome universal Android Emulation Front End released

[4.0+][APP] Gamesome Frontend - The first universal emulator frontend for Android

Before giving a low vote on the Play Store, notice that some crashes are not related to my application, but to the emulators. Some emus will have such bugs fixed in the upcoming updates (mostly RetroArch). Moreover, this release is still experimental.
The first universal emulator frontend for Android is here!
Get it on the Play Store! (All features are free and fully working. The "PRO" version just removes ads at the moment)
The Gamesome Emulator Frontend (a.k.a. Gamesome Frontend) will keep your roms organized for you!
It's as easy as setting the root folder where your roms of a specific platform are stored, Gamesome Frontend will do the magic for you! The app will identify each rom in your collection*, get its title and boxart plus some further data like the release date and the description of the game. Your collection can be shown in two different ways: as a list of boxarts or as a list of titles , with a side panel containing the image and all the info about your games. You can even search a game by its title.
This is only the very, very beginning of what this app can do: in fact you will be able to launch your games, whatever the platform they are made for, with your favorite emulator!**
The biggest wish of all the Android gamers finally becomes true!
List of supported platforms and emulators:***
- Atari 2600 (A2600.EMU, RetroArch, Ataroid)
- Atary Lynx (RetroArch)
- Bandai Wonderswan/Color (RetroArch)
- Colecovision/MSX (MSX.EMU)
- Commodore 64 (C64.EMU)
- M.A.M.E. (RetroArch)
- Nintendo (NES.EMU, RetroArch, NESoid)
- Nintendo 64 (Mupen64AE+, Mupen64AE+ free, RetroArch, N64oid)
- Nintendo DS (DraStic, RetroArch)
- Nintendo Game Boy/Color (GBC.EMU, RetroArch, GBCoid)
- Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA.EMU, RetroArch, GBAoid)
- Nintendo Virtual Boy (RetroArch)
- Super Nintendo (Snes9x EX+, SuperGNES, SuperGNES lite, RetroArch, SNESoid)
- Sega Dreamcast (Reicast)
- Sega Game Gear (RetroArch, Gearoid)
- Sega Master System (RetroArch, Gearoid)
- Sega Mega Drive (MD.EMU, RetroArch, Gensoid)
- SNK NeoGeo (NEO.EMU, RetroArch)
- SNK NeoGeo Pocket/Color (NGP.EMU, RetroArch)
- Sony PlayStation (ePSXe, RetroArch)
- Turbografx 16 (PCE.EMU, RetroArch)

Games and emulators are not included in this app. I also am not supporting or endorsing any of the software above.

Support Wiki (work in progress):
*: The identification mechanism can identify most of the officially released games for each platform.
**: Gamesome Frontend Emulator supports almost all emulators (check the list above).
***: The compatibility list might change, some emulators might be added, but also removed if they are no more compatible, I do not take any responsibility for this.
All the logos, products, and company names mentioned above are trademarks of their respective owners and subject to their own copyright laws, Foreign or Domestic. Gamesome Frontend Emulator is not endorsing either supporting them in any way.


Platform selection

Browse games as boxarts

Browse games as title list with panel

Game search screen


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