Friday, October 16, 2009

Mplayer with RMVB support for Dingux

As the headline says:

Mplayer with rmvb supported for Dingux

Postby vimrc on Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:04 am

Hi, guys,
I just released the Mplayer with rmvb supported under the great help from the Moderator of, so here it is!
Bug fixed:
1. ASF and WMV files should have sound.
2. Add rmvb supported
you can get the file from:
Maybe you need the config file from:
Enjoy it.
EDIT: I almost forgot the patched zImage with IPU and poweroff enabled are missed by the accident. SO I post them again.



  1. I can´t get my mplayer working. I put the zimage with ipu support, but mplayer crashes. I can´t have nesemu working, either.

  2. dmenu fix by the author:

    If you want to use selector to choose a file, you can write sth like this:

    MenuItem MPLAYER
    Icon = "res/media/gmu.png"
    Name = " Mplayer"
    Executable = "./mplayer -really-quiet"
    WorkDir = "/usr/local/mplayer"
    Selector = yes

    The "mplayer.dge" doesn't support rmvb, the sound is not available when play wmv and asf formats , so
    you can use mine named "mplayer" to fix those problems.