Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dingux TI-92: Texas Instruments TI-92 emulator released


ZX-81 is having a weekend release partay!:

    Welcome to DINGUX-TI92

Original Author of XTiger

  Tiger is a TI-92 emulator for Linux/x86.  It was originally written by
  Jonas Minnberg and was closed source.  There were two versions: the SVGA
  version and an Xlib version.  Jonas Minnberg has not worked on XTiger
  for quite a while and he gave Misha Nasledov the code and permission
  to GPL it.

Author of the PSP, GP2X-F100, GP2X-Wiz and DINGUX ports versions

  Ludovic.Jacomme ( also known as Zx-81

  Special thanks to CousinWeb for giving me its TI92 during the PSP
  port dev.

Grab it there:,1,0,0,113,189

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