Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slaneesh releases FBA320 – Finalburn Alpha for Dingux


FBA320: Finalburn Alpha for Dingoo A320 Linux

Final Burn Alpha is an emulator specializing in emulating arcade video game machines based on M68000 and Z80 CPUs.

The Dingoo's FBA320 port is a combination of the GP2X and PSP ports of Final Burn Alpha - think of it as part Linux (GP2X heritage) and part MIPS (PSP/Dingoo CPU).

Download FBA320


  1. Very cool! Thanks Slaneesh!

    What rom set works with FBA? I've never actually seen a rom with the .fba extension.

  2. The .fba extension is for cache-converted ROMs.

    As far as compatibility goes, I believe Slaanesh intended to include a "gamelist.txt" file, but I couldn't find one in the archive.