Sunday, August 16, 2009

alekmaul working on SMS emulator improvements

The sound on the new Dingoo SMS emulator is not optimised … but there is good news from alekmaul:

Thanks a lot for your comments, that's great to see that Dingoo Scene is so active !
Just a little WIP to inform you that I migrated SmsGGOO to a "non sdk"' version and ... it works great :D !
Now, it's full speed with better sound (yes better sound WITHOUT SDK) and I fixed palette pb in Fantastic Dizzy and Space Harrier (perhaps others, i don't know).
I must rewrite all the interface because it's not compatible with a "non sdk" version. The screen is no more resize actually, i must write a fast rendering resize algorithm to have something nice.
Also, don't expect a new version before next week end, i have a job and i can't work on it each day, sorry about that ...


  1. Hey Dingoo crew! I still can't seem to get my unit to recognize the .sms or .gg roms in the folder. Anyone else having this problem or can recommend a remedy? Currently running FW 1.03.


  2. Simple, update your firmware.

  3. Hello Gadgetmiser, I have discovered a great SNES9X update yesterday on a japanese site (although it was already released some time ago):

    I told the good news to some guys in the Dingoo Scene Blabber but it looks like you missed it :)

  4. Its a very good post. thanks for sharing with us...