Friday, March 13, 2009

Support the Dingoo A320!

Read the post below this first!

It's no surprise that no new emulators appear to be planned for the A320. Reading into the Dingoo Interview, and knowing there are hundreds of these products on the Chinese market, it is probably the case that the Dingoo A320 is just another model number, with a limited product lifespan, in a very competitive market. Plus, there's the whole world financial crisis thing!

In the midst of a financial crisis though, what better than to buy a little, affordable piece of joy like the Dingoo? This is the perfect picker upper to gloomy times.

So, though it's certainly nowhere near extinction at the moment ....

I honestly don't think Dingoo themselves appreciate what a gem of a product they have in the A320. This is the little PMP-Emulator that COULD!

But capable or not, we have to face facts that the A320 will inevitably die, unless WE do something about it.

What can we do?

The best way to show there is a Worldwide Market is to order one, so don't delay, just buy one now (and why not click here to support this site)!

And then, take a second to click on the Dingoo Market Survey on the sidebar.

  • If you have a Dingoo, the first reply will help to establish the size of the Western market!

  • If you intend to buy one anyway, unconditionally, or conditionally, select an answer, to help prove to Dingoo that there is a big market out there to be tapped, and that better ongoing support will mean more sales!
The survey will help Dingoo Digital to determine how many are out there, and how many more they might sell - and therefore, whether they should continue to develop this product!

Sadly, I'm expecting numbers in the low tens, to respond, which will pretty much put this campaign for the Dingoo in the grave, so please gather together and prove me wrong!


  1. I think that these answers are fair.
    The dingo is a nice peace of hardware but the limits to emulate games for this device are with the emulators wich it supports.
    So improvement of these emulators is the best they can do!

    I think C64 and MAME emulators are or will become available trought the community since dingoo uses the same OS as most emulator devices.

    I'm glad to hear they will make new products and that they are even thinking about a PSP emulator, let's not forget that this is their first device!

    The only think i would like to know is:
    Will Dingoo make any accessories for the A320?

    I think this would make a nice addition.

  2. yeh... Custom accessories would be great.

    I did find a few options for cases in the meantime... Eyeglass Pouches (the ones with the belt clips) and some eyeglass hardcases work perfect. Also the NDS cartridge folios work perfect(the soft zipper pouches that hold games and small accessories only).

    Another great option is the iHOME cases for iPOD/MP3 players with the speaker built into the case also fit perfectly and it has a battery powered speaker built in. They're $20 USD.

  3. Here's the iHOME Case...

  4. Heres my support site,, atm its just a forum with a hell of a lot of unused webspace but im going to add a download database so there will always be a place to download the games , emulators and the sdk for both the A320 and the X760+, after that im going to set up a homepage and then ill get a better domain, but the forum is pretty sexy atm anyway.

  5. I have a GP2X WiZ, and I'm thinking of getting a Dingoo, but it's no secret that the WiZ runs tougher emulators better and has a bit more support from the manufacturer.

    It's a shame the Dingoo's not seeing much action lately, but I think it's still got some potential.

  6. Are you coming from the past or living under a rock ? cause your comment sure sound like.

  7. Way late here, but I'm just now getting my Dingoo. I had a Wiz before this, but I figure between my PSP and the Dingoo, I'll have all the bases covered, and the Wiz is redundant.

    We're slowing coming around to the Dingoo... Especially since the Pandora is *still* "just around the corner".